America: In Desperate Need Of Change

Blog-Image_Prayer.jpgConditions in the church and our nation cry out for clear, united, decisive action. It will certainly take more than one positive election . . . one supportive Supreme Court decision, or one godly Supreme Court Justice. A great sermon from a powerful pastor or a significant, local church revival can certainly be encouraging, but they are insufficient to ingite a nationwide movement. America is in desperate need of a change. With church attendance in decline, and our children going off to college and subsequently leaving the church, an entire generation is being lost to the lies of the devil. The only hope for change is in the spiritual climate of our nation, and it begins at the grassroots level.

Cry Out America is a grassroots initiative to try to recapture the spiritual basis—the Judeo-Christian traditions—from which our nation was founded, through the remembrance of the impact of 9/11, and by recapturing what once seemed like a national realization of the need to call out to God in times of need.

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